In this action lane defense game your units are your dice! Roll the dice onto the battle field to place your units.

Controls: Only mouse clicking necessary! Drag dice from the tray area at the bottom of the screen onto the field. Then plant the rolled unit onto one of the five lanes.


  • You can hit enemies by rolling the dice directly at them.
  • You can smush an enemy by placing a unit directly on top of them.
  • If you're experiencing a drop in performance in later stages, try the downloadable Windows version instead! It's a bit more performant.

Originally made for the GMTK Game Jam 2022 in 50 hours.

Riuku - Programming
Reaktori - Art, Sound, Programming
Rage - Art
Woffelson - Music
Joey - Voice Acting

Fonts: Classified by Chevy Ray and 04b03 by Yuji Oshimoto

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(221 total ratings)
AuthorsRiuku, Reaktori, Woffelson
GenreAction, Strategy
Made withGameMaker
TagsDice, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes


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like like like

Perfect! i like it)


this game is too ez u need to make a harder mode round 12 and still going hard

this game have awesome idea


Everything about this game is great. Got to wave 12 on my first try then stopped. A tutorial could have been nice; some stuff, like the fact that throwing dice deals damage, as well as swapping out units, took a little while to discover.

Thank you for telling me this! i would have never figuered that out 


Love this game! It's quite satisfying and hard to put down!
I want more dice customisation :)


I really loved this quirky little game. I'm not sure if I'm just good, or if the game can use a little tweaking when it comes to the difficulty. I'm putting my money on the latter ;)


Honestly you should release this as a mobile game. You could add very little content and have a smash hit.

10/10 changed my life

loved it 8/10

f kgjaoifjdsfsuhsaufahfdsiofz

cool game

The only weakness is the hitbox is only on the index finger, not the palm. 

This is still really excellent. I enjoyed it even more than 1st place.


Should've been 1st place lol


Excellent game


At wave 16 gets boring, but otherwise a great game. Could use some balancing.


This 100% deserves 1st place :)


This game is really well designed


Pretty cool game! Really innovative mechanics, please consider releasing a mobile version, it would be so much enjoyable with touch instead of constantly draging the mouse


great game, played until my arm hurts


great game. super addictive


bit too easy but played it for an hour lol great game got to wave 15 but i have to go now ;(


Good game! I stopped after completing wave 23 because it started to get repetitive. But still it was great game to play while I was bored.


Great game! It feels very consistent and satisfying. Very good design job! Keep it up!


Really fun game! the dice throwing mechanice is really refreshing and its just fun to play with them. So much that i tried to play with only red dices so to throw them constantly.

In the start i tried to play with all red dices and it's actually pretty easy. Dices can stomp enemies so even heal effect can still hurt enemies and generally you have so much that you can even build a spike wall so you just need to be a bit fast. I went to 17 wave and gave up beacause i wanted to try something harder

So i went with only 2 dices. I didn't went for 1 dice because since you need to pick 1 dice each wave you need replace old one with new one every time and it would be to random, since you need certain effects on your dices. For exapmle, spikes, ice cubes or nukes are too slow😭 they take time to dissapear, espesially spikes and you can't afford such time since while they stop one line, enemies on the others won't be stopped and will kill you. So ideally you want to have bombs, heals ideally and nukes and ice cubes on the 2nd place for you dice, and your starting dice actually already good enough, since it has 3 bombs 2 heals and ice cube, so you just randomly pick the other dice and try not to die. If you need to place Spike, you better replace it immidiatly with your other dice so it wouldnt last for full time,

With such setup i managed to achieve 11 wave in my first attempt, and that was pretty fun


This has become my go-to game during my work lunch break. I think the gameplay concept is awesome. The frantic chucking of dice onto the board to stop an enemy who just wiped out my front liners is one of my favorite parts. I also enjoy the whole dice management aspect after you reach the max. Its all bout trading off your worst dice till you get a decent main set.

I know this was a short game-jam creation, but I think it could be fleshed out to be an even more amazing game with added locations/visuals, new enemy types(or alternate versions of current ones, i.e a Red Armored Knight with double health or fast Babies) that appear over time, and different modes.  Maybe a quest mode that takes you to new grid layouts each 20  waves, like you are moving towards the castle or kingdom that started the fight and take them on at wave 100. Alternatively a dice lock mode where you have to use the dice the game gives you to survive, no choosing. 

All in all, this is addicting as hell and I love it for making my downtime more enjoyable. It's just that the set 4-5 enemies that only keep increasing makes it a bit too easy after wave 15. By that time I have a full roster of those heavy hitter skellies and a cannon armada behind them. Once the initial panic toss is over, I've got the full defense set up in about 30 seconds. Nothing gets through.


This game is really fun and I like how the dices are used in the game. It's very creative how not only is it used to decide which summons can be placed on the field but can be used to damage enemies as well. I really like how the randomness is not only based on luck but skill at the same time! I did lose at 15 because I wanted to see if I was able to beat that wave with only red dices but it seems that it was quite hard. Really enjoyed it!

(1 edit)

I have a quick question.

How do you set the game fullscreen ( in the downloaded version ) in windows?

On the Windows downloadable version you can toggle fullscreen with Alt+Enter!

(1 edit) (+3)

This game is really fun: the dice you get are quite varied, but even if you haven’t got the best loadout ever you can inflict some good damage by swinging the dice onto the enemies’ faces.

The only thing I’d like to see in this game is a save/load function: I found myself playing till round 25 and having to quit, knowing I would have to restart from zero.


Awesome game!! This game brings a frenetic feeling for tower defense, and i really like how random factor + use dices as hit keeps the urgency in plan strategies and use well the moment to place unit. I would love play another levels or field dispositions

(1 edit)
How many waves? 
Is it infinite?
Won't have for the linux platform?

I really enjoyed the fast paced madness this game brings, Its often very difficult to balance RNG and this game handles it very well.

I hope you keep working on it and add different enemies and map changes for the later levels to keep things interesting and exciting as the game progresses 


this is the best game ever


my score is 12


Very entertaining game !




this game is wonderfully juicy and the dice being actually part of the game board and being able to damage enemies by throwing them at your foes is hilarious. though it does get a bit dull and laggy after a while of playing


Very fun and satisfying. Not super easy to lose, but you still have to pay attention. I thought the lack of currency or cooldown for the dice would make the game boring, but the fast pace and strong enemies level out the difficulty. I like the art style. The RNG of the game doesn't feel broken or even especially irritating like it does in some other games. I'm curious about what you used to make this and how you got the dice to do their dice thing. Overall I think it was a pretty fun game that is going in my liked list.


Thank you!

We made the game in GameMaker. And for the dice thing, I responded to someone else asking about it here: Hope that answers your question too!


Nice! I like seeing good games made in GameMaker.

do the differently colored dice have different effects?

The color of the dice stands for which types of units it has on it. Green is for melee units, blue is for ranged units, red is for "immediate actions" or something like that (bombs etc) and white has a mix of all units.

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