In this action lane defense game your units are your dice! Roll the dice onto the battle field to place your units.

Controls: Only mouse clicking necessary! Drag dice from the tray area at the bottom of the screen onto the field. Then plant the rolled unit onto one of the five lanes.


  • You can hit enemies by rolling the dice directly at them.
  • You can smush an enemy by placing a unit directly on top of them.
  • If you're experiencing a drop in performance in later stages, try the downloadable Windows version instead! It's a bit more performant.

Originally made for the GMTK Game Jam 2022 in 50 hours.

Riuku - Programming
Reaktori - Art, Sound, Programming
Rage - Art
Woffelson - Music
Joey - Voice Acting

Fonts: Classified by Chevy Ray and 04b03 by Yuji Oshimoto

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Updated 10 days ago
Published 25 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsRiuku, Reaktori, Woffelson
GenreAction, Strategy
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsDice, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes


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That Game IS LIterally So Goood

I reached wave 20, and had a great time playing the game, but later on in the game waves starts getting a little bit to long and drab

this is... A MASTERPICE (literally), also you may add an final or new units, the game jam alr ended try continue the game pls

Fun, but desperately needs a speed toggle. Later waves take way too long.

this is rly nice

Nice game. Yet when the number of my dices is maximum it takes some time before I find out how to continue.  Maybe a tutorial about the use of recycle could help.

Great game! I do think the melee units are a tad underpowered, though. I played with ranged at the beginning, and it was incredibly easy(the darn lancers were annoying though!), but when i later tried playing with only melee units, it was incredibly hard and they would usually get lancer'd and ganged up on easily. Perhaps increasing the number of Barbarian/Hammer Dude faces would help. I think having something like a new melee unit would be very nice, perhaps a buzzsaw as an upgraded version of the wooden stakes that moves forward, or a super barbarian unit/even bigger hammer guy that launches enemies back. It'd also be interesting to see a way to have more of an in-game presence, since after a while you can place down a bunch of ranged units, and then just wait, occasionally lobbing bombs. Being able to possess certain bosses you kill or something and directly controlling a strong unit would be really fun!


Love the game, really good! So addictive!:)


Hey, I really loved the concept and gameplay! This is a real gem!! I have some feedback though... I found it far too easy. I played until like wave 31 on my first try and never really felt challenged. My computer had a hard time staying speedy with all the pixel art slowing it down at that level, but other than that, I saw everything the game had to offer with not as much trial/error or difficulty as I was hoping. 

Some ideas:
-Further limit how many dice the player can have.
-Add new enemies, perhaps some that require a different solution than others, maybe like ranged units or units that switch lanes.
-Add more towers so it's harder for the player to get the ones they want.


¿Was this also made in Gml? great game.

Thanks! Yea, we used the latest version of GameMaker.

Oh really cool, i started to learn Gml and Unity at the same time, i don't know if its worth it to learn GML if i can understand Unity, Game maker seem cool to me, ¿Do you have any reasons for doing this in GameMaker instead of Unity?. since i'm new and only done pretty basic stuff maybe i am missing something on why GameMaker is easier or faster. your answer would really help me. Thanks and great games.

The reason why we used GM for this jam game (and all other jam games so far) is that we're the most familiar with it compared to other engines and we know that we can create stuff fast in it because of that.

I hesitate to give advice on which engine you should learn, because I'm not super familiar with engines besides GameMaker and Unity. But I will say that if you want to make 3D games, GameMaker doesn't have great support for that, so you'll be better off learning Unity, Godot, Unreal or any other engine with proper 3D capabilities. If you do want to make 2D games, GameMaker is great!


This is such a fun concept! It's been developed really well and the art is great too. Excellent job, team!


This was such a fun game. Wonderful job!

Thanks, glad you had fun! And thanks for the video, it's always fun (and useful) to see others play the game!


Oh this is really good, I was playing up until wave 15 or so and was still discovering new things. I would love to see this on Steam with a level system and maybe more in-depth progression!


Wow! This is perfect in every way possible. The art looks great, it's addictive and chaotic, yet there is still a huge aspect of strategy here. Obviously, there is luck involved, but it doesn't feel like getting a bad roll is the end of the world. I hope it releases into a paid game, 10/10.

Thanks for the kind words!


I loved it, keep making great games!


Thanks, we'll try!


I loved everything about the game, especially the gameplay. The gameplay is genius, die themselves deal damage making the players always on their toes. Unlike other tower defense games, where it gets really boring once you gets all of the towers, here you get to choose whether to play safe or risk it and roll for a better tower. I also like the little story in the beginning. Although I have to say that it gets pretty easy quite quickly.

Overall, 10/10 would love to see a full game.

Thanks! Yea endless games are tough to balance, they easily either get too hard too fast or remain too easy for too long. But we're happy to hear you liked it!

(1 edit) (+1)

It's a bit clunky to grab and throw the die and the graphics are a bit in the way of things but otherwise cool game. Best of luck! Loved the writing and voiceover in the intro!

Good to hear you liked it, and thanks for the feedback!

need choose level


hope to see a paid version that expands on this idea in the future, this is really fun! makes my hand hurt after a while though, lol


Honestly this must be the winning game of the jam


You were right, #1 overall !

(1 edit) (+3)

Hey this is a fantastic game! Well done!  Do you plan to keep developing it?


Thanks! We developers love how the game turned out, and are definitely considering the possibility of continuing development at some point. Maybe after we finish our current project, Ants Took My Eyeball, which happens to be based on our previous jam games!


You create very epic games


This is very nice, would pay for a version on steam. Really good job!